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Dear Al,

Hello from Davidson! I hope all is well with you and that you are rested up from our big trip to Brazil. It took me about a week to get rested up and now I am pleasantly reflecting back upon what was for most of us our greatest life experience. I believe that we couldn't have had a better trip. We all got along well and our luck was good. The only thing lacking in the entire trip was a fitting conclusion, something more than brief farewells at the airport. I had hoped that we would have had the time to gather as a group at the end to each speak about his/her experience, a time of sharing if you will. So I decided to write to each member of Al's Angels with my concluding thoughts, ones I think you share with me.

I think that we are all very thankful to our fearless leader Al for showing us the rewards of giving, rewards that are far richer than any of the material rewards most of our fellow Canadians think are the most important in life. We all come home with a new appreciation of family, friends and of course our faith in God. We know that reaching out to the less fortunate will now be one of the primary driving forces in our life and that we have grown dramatically by this experience.

I consider all of you now as lifelong friends as we have shared an adventure that we will be able to relate to for the rest of our lives. I must say that I am already looking forward to the next trip to Brazil and I know some of you fell the same way, It's important, therefore, that we stay connected in an effort to assist Al in his good works. We are all only a phone call, email or letter away. Perhaps I may begin by throwing out the idea of a summer BBQ in Lake Lenore. Let me know what you think about this idea. I was listening to CBC Radio the other day as the announcer of the noon talk show described how the 3 prairie provinces in Canada are the most generous in the number of missions to other countries and the amount of generosity we seem more than willing to give.

I heard Al speak on the radio and I felt honoured to be a part of what Al so vividly described. I myself have been asked to speak at various social functions in Davidson in the near future and have included the local paper in which I appeared after an interview of about 2 hours. I have also been asked by numerous family and friends to describe my experience. As you would agree, this is impossible to do in a passing moment. I will be compiling my notes to give a better overview of my trip in a more condensed version. It is my hope that I can begin to raise funds for Rainbow of Hope in the Davidson area.

We all agree that the serious side of our work in Brazil was very rewarding for us. But let's take a moment to touch on some of the humorous things that happened to us which I think we will be chuckling about for years to come. Here are a few conclusions that I reached on the lighter side.

When Al says "Vamoos or Let's Go!", that means "NOW or get left behind!"

When Cliff outs on the yellow shades, "Mr. Cleefe!" emerges and the fun begins….

Al interprets Portuguese very well for our group. Cliff and Clark interpret "Jaimanese" very well for Al.

Terry will come up with a come back line for Jamie before the next trip down to Brazil.

Jamie will not snore at important meetings again.

When Harry claps twice, Johnny Walker scotch will be quickly delivered!

When Jamie orders Shrimp and Beer, eat fast or lose your share!

Don't eat at cheap restaurants in Brazil, Believe me!!!

$10,00 R for one beer on the beach is not cost effective!

Anderson was a great waiter!

Emiraldo was a great driver but a poor dodger of dangerous palm trees!

The most repeated question of the trip "Where's Jamie?" The 2 word in Portuguese we all learned, "Abrigado" and "Cerveja" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will talk again. In the meantime and in between time, stay true to all we have been given by the people of Brazil and remember to always think of our great adventure. Let us never forget the genuine warmth of the people of Brazil.

May we thank God for our time there together. So long for now.