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I have just finished this poem and I would like to share it with you because you have been my inspiration.
Thanks for being there to me. God bless you always.
Hope you enjoy these simple words that follow.
Have a good reading. thanks for being part of my life.
I love you all.


Sometimes I get lost
In memories
In thoughts
In words
In time.

Sometimes I think that
I don't have much time to
To have fun
To live.

Sometimes I don't understand
The people around me
My family
My friends

Sometimes I think the
World is wonderful
Good people
Nice places to see
Different nations
Different names
And one certainly thing
To be happy some day.

Sometimes I think that
I am a hero
I think I can change the world
The people, the places
I feel I can change everything
But I do not know
If they can be happy with
My changes.

Sometimes I want to live
More and more
To fly, to dance, to be alone
To make a trip inside myself.

Sometimes I need a hand to stand up
I need peace, joy, hope, to love
And be loved.

Sometimes the world seems so hard
But I know
It's never too late to discover something
It's never too late to learn new things
To see, to help, to make you believe that
You are very important to me
Sometimes I know what to say and what to do
All that I feel want you to know
I love you.

Cícero Pinto